Sofa & Carpet Shampooing

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Cleaning area with specialized disinfectant environment friendly chemicals.

Sofa & Carpet Shampooing
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We offer complete professional sofa and carpet shampooing service to residential and commercial cleaning your upholstery, cushions, fabric, leather and suede couch. Our service helps to remove all stains and marks and also improves its durability while restoring the fabric brightness. With almost no drying time, your sofa or carpet will regain its original look. And at the same time hygiene is our topmost priority. Marul Cleaning Service overs professional Sofa & Carpets cleaning service which will restore the fresh look and extend the life. We have experienced team that cleans sofa and carpets so effectively without having any damage.
Marul Cleaning Service provides a clean and healthy environment in your office and home. We deliver theĀ  highest quality sofa and carpet cleaning and shampooing service. Our wide range of service suite your residential and commercial cleaning needs. Our focus is to deliver best cleaning service in Bangladesh with our experienced and trained team.