Are Your Cleaning Chemicals Approved to Kill COVID -19?

Ours Are

Is your facility being cleaned and disinfected regularly with an approved Registered disinfectant? Providing a safe and healthy work environment is your priority – and our as well. Utilizing the correct chemicals and cleaning techniques shouldn’t be an option – it should be mandatory.
MCSBL-Marul Cleaning Service Bangladesh Limited has been cleaning with the most advanced chemicals and techniques long before the recent pandemic. Rest assured that MCSBL-Marul Cleaning Service Bangladesh Limited will continue to stay at the forefront of the industry.


Social Activities


Marul Cleaning Services Bangladesh Limited has a Hope Fund. We has been making significant contribution to the progress of food aid and education for helpless path children in different areas of Chandpur district over the last few years.


Marul Cleaning

Marul Cleaning Service Bangladesh Limited is a reputed cleaning services company in Bangladesh. This company has been working with all the branches of Bangladesh Eye Hospital Limited in Dhaka from the very begging. MCSBL have also been successfully providing cleaning services in various government and non-government organisations our country. Marul Cleaning Service Bangladesh Limited always maintaining a very high level of loyalty and quality and promises to provide their highest service.

The Right Choice, Clean & Simple

MCSBL – Marul Cleaning Service Bangladesh Limited skilled workforces are
dedicated to going above and beyond your expectations. A clean office enhances
worker productivity and pride while reducing the number of employee sick days. Your
facility doesn’t just make a statement to your staff; it is your statement to customers and guests.

Our Commercial Cleaning Service Also Offers

• Our Total Satisfaction Guarantee, which ensures you always receive expert cleaning service. If you are not totally satisfied with the work of your Marul Cleaning Service Bangladesh Limited, we will promptly address and correct any issues to your complete satisfaction.
• Constant availability and communication that ensure your unique commercial cleaning needs are fully understood, and that our cleaners are continuing to deliver exceptional service.
• An award-winning brand that is well respected in the commercial cleaning and hospital industry. MCSBL – Marul Cleaning Service Bangladesh Limited prides itself on being a leader in the commercial cleaning industry. Within a very short span of time, we have created a good number of satisfied client base around Bangladesh along with acquiring their affiliations and reference that help push our industry forward.


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